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Fee Schedule

Effective 07/01/2020

Initial Screen: Free

An initial screening includes activities to identify children or adults who may need further evaluation in order to determine the existence of a delay in development or a disorder.


Initial screens are individual and last approximately 30 minutes.

*Initial Evaluation: $200

An initial evaluation is used to determine the existence of a delay or disorder, to identify the client's strengths and needs in all areas of communication.


Initial evaluations include testing, report writing, diagnosis, and review with client, caregiver, or family.

*An initial evaluation is required in order to develop a plan of care. Insurance requires an initial evaluation to cover the cost of treatment sessions. The initial evaluation will be waived if an evaluation for the same diagnosis has been completed within 12 months for children only.

Individual Treatment Sessions (1 hour): $90

Treatment sessions can be in-home, community-based, or via telehealth and last one hour. Short sessions and intensive sessions are available upon request.

I know that speech therapy is an investment of both time and money.


Parent/Caregiver training will be provided within individual therapy sessions in order to empower families and caregivers to continue practicing and enhancing communication, cognition, and swallowing at home.


Home exercise programs can be assigned as therapy progresses in order to promote carryover of newly acquired skills.    

Teacher Helping Student
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